Concept of Touda Ecolodge

Touda guest house in Ait Bougmez Valley Moroccan Hight Atlas is an innovative travel concept at the heart of the Berber culture.
Your trip will be very comfortable ant totally respectful of the cultural differences.

At the foot of the M’Goun summit (4 071m), the guest house is located in Zawyat Oulmzi village in the top of Ait Bougmez Valley, at an altitude of 2 200m. The accommodation offers a mix of authenticity and modernity, you will experience a new way of travelling, taking the time to taste the ambiance and the magic of the place.

House comfort:
Touda Ecolodge is built with the valley own typical style, under superposition of local craftsmen.
You will be greeted in the welcoming Berber tradition, and by the way, you will discover the local traditions.

Accommodation: 7 bedrooms
– 4 twin bedrooms with private bathroom
– 2 double bedrooms with private bathroom
– 2 family bedroom with private bathroom

The capacity of the Guest House is 18 peoples and presents a respectful atmosphere regarding to the village size.
In order to immerge you even more in the culture of the area, the rooms and en suite facilities are personalised with Berber decorations. Moreover, hot water is provided directly in your own bathroom thanks to solar energy

Interior designing
The kitchen is opened to the dining room. That enable to participation of those who want to
discover the cooking process of traditional dishes.
The living room is customised with galleries that are semi-opened on the dining room and its fireplace.

Outdoor facilities
We give you the opportunity to enjoy a traditional hammam made in tadelakt, directly in the Lodge.
If you are interested in, you will take some time in our tailor made terraces, which offer a superb view of the valley. And if the weather permits it, the breakfast and lunch will be taken outside. (See pictures)

Respect of the environment
The Guest house respects ethical tourism regarding to its construction and its daily life.
Ecolodge Touda acts actively for the sustainability of the Bougmez Valley by providing work, directly and indirectly to the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, protecting the environment by various actions (waste management, using clean “energy”, encouraging environment-friendly practices) and preserves by diverse actions the local heritage. (Creation of an Ecomuseum in the Valley).